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    About HEB, Texas

    The Tri-City Community

    The three-city community in Texas made up of Hurst, Euless, and Bedford are known by the locals as “HEB, Texas”. These cities are found nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas and are a popular destination to stop at in between the two major cities. HEB offers many shopping opportunities from malls to local boutiques, family amusement parks, and local cuisines.

Family Centered Hurst

Hurst was founded in 1903 and named after William Letchworth "Uncle Billy" Hurst when he allowed a railroad to be built on his property that connected Dallas and Fort Worth. Hurst offers many family-centered attractions such as water parks, tennis and golf courts, art centers, and a tour of the historical railroad. This charming city allows resident and visiting families to enjoy quality time together.

Environment Conscious Euless

Euless was founded in 1879 when Elisha Adam and Judy Trigg Euless bought a section of land and settled there. Years have passed and now modern Euless is a city with environmental safety at the forefront of their decisions. This city has about 300 acres worth of park land and has an active community to make sure that trash is recycled, the air quality is healthy, and their parks are well-maintained.

Technologically Focused Bedford

Bedford was founded in the 1850s and has grown into a city where technology is promoted, education is exceptional, and the community is active. Bedford is home to several city parks, activity centers, and a high-ranking school system. Life is easy-going in Bedford where anyone from an educator to a plumber in HEB can find opportunities for a well-paying job or just a better way to relax.

Visiting the HEB

A Must-Stop Between Dallas and Fort Worth

No matter where a traveler stops in HEB, Texas, they will be greeted by the charm of these cities with their rich histories. The cityscapes are focused around preserving the natural world while at the same time promoting the advancement of modern technology. This allows visitors and residents alike to enjoy the beauty of nature while at the same time live in comfort with modern luxuries.